FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey Championship (First In A Lifetime) (VIDEO)

In a Free (not so live) Pay-Per View Event Grace vs Joe in a best out of 5 series to determine the FEOS Intercontinental Air Hockey CHAMPION!!!!!

So we played, someone one won one, then two, then three, to take the title (it was me, Joe) and then we did commentary over it for your extra enjoyment.

So hear us laugh and try to commentate and narrate this video of us playing air hockey in a Game Works in Stapleton.

We talk about how Grace broke a puck in a (not seen in this video) game we played and how crazy that is (who breaks a puck!?)

Stay tuned for the rematch!


FEOS Podcast Episode 27 – Birthdaycast 2.0

So it was Grace’s birthday and we went our traditional Boulder adventure bike ride and brewery tour we talk about that trip and our terrible customer service, how we say things wrong on a regular basis, making very topical president jokes (truth time we didn’t) KomPOOCHa, soft young boys, aggressive song lyrics, and more




Listen to CAKE and go see them live.


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Jump around.

Jump around.

Jump around.




FEOS Podcast Episode 25 – We’re Back!

Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches Aka Joe and Grace are back in audio form!

After about a year hiatus from doing the podcast we decided to fire it back up and get back into it. In this episode we talk about our new air hockey championship belt and tournament we update you guys on what we’ve been up to and most of our future endeavors. We tell a few new jokes shaking the rust off and just having some fun.

So join us as we talk about having poop in your butt, Snicker’s Doodles, hot soup, and more

Also if you are interested in hanging out with us and being our guest just let us know we love promoting comedians and bands and friends so get at us!



Feel free to explore our youtube page and our website for more content of us being idiots and or exploring we don’t really have any reason for all this other then our own entertainment and hopefully yours!


We know the character names and that’s about it…



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Episode 24 Truthcast 2.0


Hey guys, what’s up? Let’s play two truths and a lie, only just kidding…they’re all TRUTHS. We talk about our recent trip through South Dakota and Wyoming which showed us the beautiful, the hidden and sometimes tragic part of what is still the Wild West (wikky wikky wild). We fell into a time warp and found a rare and ancient sighting of what was once the mighty Blockbuster, roamed the Black Hills through caves, swam among the palest people of the Midwest and stumbled upon why black lights should not exist. We really had an amazing time and of course have some unreasonable jokes to show for it. We’ve  also wrapped all of our pictures up in a nifty video for you all, along with joke commentary, just scroll on down!





Current Day…

We talk a bit about how we are looking to start collecting donations for the Indian reservations so contact either or both of us about more information feospodcast@gmail.com

Also listen for the special surprise guest in the background. Hint: It’s our cat Snickers.  IMG_20150624_195058

Here is a little DVD extra for ya! It’s just us doing commentary over our vacation photos.

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