Episode 24 Truthcast 2.0


Hey guys, what’s up? Let’s play two truths and a lie, only just kidding…they’re all TRUTHS. We talk about our recent trip through South Dakota and Wyoming which showed us the beautiful, the hidden and sometimes tragic part of what is still the Wild West (wikky wikky wild). We fell into a time warp and found a rare and ancient sighting of what was once the mighty Blockbuster, roamed the Black Hills through caves, swam among the palest people of the Midwest and stumbled upon why black lights should not exist. We really had an amazing time and of course have some unreasonable jokes to show for it. We’ve  also wrapped all of our pictures up in a nifty video for you all, along with joke commentary, just scroll on down!





Current Day…

We talk a bit about how we are looking to start collecting donations for the Indian reservations so contact either or both of us about more information feospodcast@gmail.com

Also listen for the special surprise guest in the background. Hint: It’s our cat Snickers.  IMG_20150624_195058

Here is a little DVD extra for ya! It’s just us doing commentary over our vacation photos.

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Episode 23 All The All The Jokes (the second)

We’ve missed you beautiful people, and we come bearing gifts of comedy! This is another edition of All the Jokes where we try a variety of joke ideas we’ve been working on and set them free like a wily pack’a badgers. We touch on a few concepts such as Google Maps for ghosts, the oddity of holiday-themed shows at zoos but with the uncomfortable absence of animals, an off-color talking globe named Geo, still we continue to mercilessly butcher the British accent, and, most importantly, discuss the touchy subject of characters of your childhood disintegrating into a fiery patriotic blaze. We’re excited to be back, and we hope you enjoy!



Lest we forget the magician picking up chicks instructional video

We mention a local comedian group here in Denver called The Fine Gentlemen’s Club who are a great group of funny guys that you should all know about.

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen being incredible

and last but not least the brand new amazing knowledge that it was supposed to be Big Bird as the passenger on the Space Shuttle Challenger thanks Eli Yudin


You’re Welcome.

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Episode 22.5 w/ Matt Pane (part 2)

We are back with the second half of the Matt Panecast. In this half we talk about disc golf, paraplegic hockey, CSI Football, name jokes with Matt’s brother Joe Pane, not remembering old jokes, Lords of Dogtown and more. You can hear our increasing intoxication as we drank dark and stormies and reminisce about old times. This is mostly all inside jokes and stories but if you want to attempt to follow along and laugh we always appreciate when you check it out. Enjoy:)




We mention Crispin Glover’s weird ass album he made back in ’89 it’s bizzare and hilarious and you can read more about it here and then just listen for yourself

We also reference a ridiculous radio station prank call involving John Cena and fake wrestling terms that we think are pretty entertaining

But mostly thanks for listening and thanks to Matt for coming to visit and being awesome.


I’m addicted to the CHAINS!!!

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Episode 22 w/ Matt Pane (part 1)

Howdy ho, folks! This week we have something special for you, part one of a TWO PART podcast! We had so many jokes and topics that we had to banana split it up. Matt Pane, one of our oldest and best friends from New York came to stay with us so we all could see Primus at Red Rocks (you only see your first Primus show once). More importantly, he sat down with us to talk about how the Joe James-Matt Pane 6 month difference came into fruition, when Grace met Matt during a wrestling match in an in-ground/above ground pool, awkward elevator moments in Vegas, the Hulk’s Bruce Banner sized dick, a brief detailing of the increds Primus show, and all of us ingesting stabby cheesy bread. So, pour yourself a glass of rum in honor of Matt Pane (he’s fine, he just likes rum) and get in on some of these inside jokes. Stay tuned for part two!




The best! The best! The best!

Please allow yourselves to travel back in time to Dec 16th, 2004 with this very crucial point in both Matt and Joe’s lives with this livejournal post

Also we talked about Electric Apricot which was a film by Les Claypool of Primus about jam bands. Yeah well the film still has a fully functional website so there’s that. But for reals you should see it.


is there ever a wrong time for a Paul Rudd face?

Also feel free to check out the line-up of the first Vegoose that we talked about.

You only see your first Primus show once.

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Episode 21 w/ Andy Schneider

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This week we had the great pleasure of sitting down with Andy Schneider, frontman of Denver band Calder’s Revolvers. He’s a Denver native and has a lot of love for the Mile High city. We talk a little bit about his beginnings in music, ranging from jamming out with his dad’s band at home, jazz-themed summer camps and moonlighting in punk and ska bands. We crack jokes about less sad rock and more dad rock, fecal themed bands, and platform flip flop Jersey girls. Today, Calder’s is his full-time project, with a recent stint at SXSW and a nomination in Westword’s Music Showcase, along with a variety of local shows keeping this awesome band going full force.Check out some of their upcoming shows below, and give the new demo song a listen!




Bitchin Soulful Rock and Roll. CHECK IT OUT!

Calder’s Revolver’s has a website and a facebook where you can stay up to date on all things Andy and his band.

Upcoming shows for them include…

May 30th at Rado Distilling which is their Grand Opening

July 10th at Anythink Wright Farms in Thornton

and more to come!


NOBODY upstages John Lee Hooker (you’ll have to listen to understand the joke…)

Also be sure to vote for Calder’s in the Westword Music Showcase in the Blues Rock category

And in case you just want to rock out to the new untitled demo song here it is again…


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The Andy Schneider seal of approval

Episode 20 All The Jokes

Well ‘ello there! This week we covered a few new jokes, including, but not limited to: Pattie Boyd licking George Harrison’s teeth, a multi-holiday version of “Mambo #5,” how to get Beetlejuice to go away, severely misinterpreting the lyrics to late-nineties Santana songs, two foot tall Paul Simon (Small Simon) and Sir Paul McCartney not knowing the lyrics to his half a century old songs.



We should mention that after the recording of this podcast we realized that we were sorely incorrect in the telling of the Harrison-Clapton-Boyd love triangle, so don’t fact check us on that. Still, we like our re-telling a little bit better.



Pattie “Teef Liquor” Boyd

In addition, “Maria, Maria” is in fact not a Santana-Rob Thomas collaboration, although it’s safe to say we all wish there were more of those. We had a lot of fun expanding on jokes and making new ones. We hope you enjoy!



and just in case you wanted to be your very own Ravyn Maniac, you’re welcome.

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Episode 19 w/ Mara Wiles

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with another local Denver comedian! This time it was the lovely Mara Wiles. She was a delight to talk to and just a great funny gal. We got to talk all about getting started in the Denver scene and who inspired her. She told us about a terrible show at a cattle dog rescue in a strip mall winery, some of her favorite jokes by fellow local comedian Aaron Urist and we read some one star reviews of Red Rocks. Lots of real talk and nice conversation worth a listen. So try it on for size!




Check out all things Mara on her website!


Def be on the look out for Mara (not that you’ll have to try to hard) she’s all over doing tons of shows…


She hosts a weekly open mic at Syntax Physic Opera starting at 9pm

A monthly show called Sex and the Witty where her and fellow comics riff on episodes of Sex and the City

Buddy Buddy Sketch Comedy on the 3rd Sat of the month at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

And The Funky Brunch a great themed last Sat of the month show at Grandma’s House


Check out all these shows and more as we continue to talk to more friends and comics in the coming weeks!


Also as always…

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